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Dimple! Hey there, I’m Caden, and I’m super excited to get to interview you.

Hi, Caden! I’ve heard so much about you from my writer. She won’t shut up about The Love Interest. (It’s kind of annoying, actually.)

Omg no way! My writer is SOOOO hyped for When Dimple Met Rishi, you have no idea. But now, onto the interview! First up, I think I need to know your thoughts on iced coffee.

Iced coffee is fabulous because it’s so versatile. You can use it to quench your thirst on a hot summer day or to fling it at random people who you think look excessively hostile. Try it!

Awesome, will do! This question is super random, but I love it. Can you tell me about a bridge that is important to you? Weirdly everyone seems to have an answer to this, and I find it’s a really good way to get to know someone.

Ooh, good question, Caden. I have a soft spot for the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s iconic San Francisco, and, well, I have a soft spot for San Francisco. (That’s where I met Rishi. And got the chance to work with my long-time idol, Jenny Lindt.)

Great answer!! So, it sounds kinda like your family is all up in your business in regards to your love life. What’s that like?

Um, yeah. Have you ever had a splinter? Imagine that, but the splinter is all over your body and it chatters incessantly at you. Honestly, though, it’s not that bad. I know my mom only does it out of the love she has for her only daughter. Sigh.

Speaking of your love life, I need to ask, what’s the deal with Rishi?

Rishi. I’m trying not to grin and roll my eyes at the same time. He’s great. Things are as amazing as ever. We see each other as often as we can and we text constantly. This one time he sent me a picture he’d done of this comic of me, only I was…you know what? Never mind. That’s kind of personal.

You two are too cute, I just can’t even. And last question: where do you stand in the great Oreo war? Classic or Golden?

OMG classic all the way. I can’t believe people even eat that golden crap. Yuck. You don’t like golden Oreos, do you, Caden? *glares*

No way! And I’m not even saying that just because Simon is cute. Noo way. :D

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